Laura Mitchell
Manual Therapist

Laura is a fun and warm individual who has had a passion for health care since she was a child listening to her father's stories of helping the community as a paramedic. Laura completed her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, focusing on anatomy and physiology. During her time there, she shadowed an occupational therapist and volunteered with cardiac rehabilitation patients leading them in exercises to improve their cardiac function in a fun and safe way. Through these experiences, Laura realized she wanted to help people improve their health in a clinical and rehabilitative setting. For the past two years, Laura has been studying the relationship between human anatomy and physiology and how they affect one another. She has gained practical skills in assessment and treatment of the anatomical structure in order to relieve stress and strains through the soft tissues to improve circulation and how the body functions a dynamic unit. Good health is so important to overall quality of life and Laura is passionate about helping people focus less on aches and pains and more on enjoying life! 

Laura’s availability:

Monday 12pm- 8pm
Tuesday 8am-2pm